Kasautii Zindagii Kay September 17, 2019 Written episode update: Mr. Bajaj In Love With Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay September 17, 2019 Written episode update: Mr. Bajaj In Love With Prerna

KZK2 17 Sep episode Stars With Prerna is in the room of Anurag but Mr. Bajaj misses her. Mohini is sad that Anurag loves her more than Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written update

Mr. Bajaj is alone in the room, he misses Prerna. Then Tanvi comes into Mr. Bajaj's room and hugs her. Mr. Bajaj does not like it and leaves. Tanvi says she knows that Prerna loves Anurag and even today she is with him. But Mr. Bajaj tells him to leave and says that he is his wife and that he cannot hear anything for her. Tanvi leaves from there and tells Aunty that Mr. Bajaj has a love for Prerna and that this love may not get so much that he will never get it.

Auntie and Tanvi secretly go to Mohini's room and they steal the photo and pen drive, which shows that Mohini frightened her aunt. Aunt and Tanvi see Mohini coming out of the room, but those people leave with an excuse. Kuki comes crying to Mr. Bajaj. Kuki has a photo of Prerna in his hand. Bajaj tries to convince Kuki a lot, but she disagrees. Bajaj takes Kuki to Prerna.

Prerna tells Kuki why she doesn't sleep, she hugs him. Doctors tell Mr. Bajaj that everyone gets a wife, just like Anurag's wife, because his heart stops working. The voice of Prerna reached his heart and he became alive. Prerna tells doctors that she is Mr. Bajaj's wife. The doctors apologize to Mr. Bajaj. Kuki falls asleep next to Anurag. The nurse looks at her and tells Prerna that she does not feel she is the daughter of such a big girl about whom Prerna says that, but the truth is that Kuki is her daughter.

Mr. Bajaj lies down in his room but he misses Prerna. He remembers the moment when he was looking for something in the closet with Prerna. He thinks what happens to him. Then Prerna comes there. Bajaj makes an excuse to sleep with his eyes closed. Prerna comes to Mr. Bajaj and sits on the couch with her head and starts thinking of Anurag. Prerna takes clothes from the closet that Mr. Bajaj tells her he is awake. Mr. Bajaj leaves there and says he needs to make a phone call, change his clothes. He tells Prerna that she is sorry today that she married him under the deal, whereupon Prerna explains that she should not be sorry. She wonders why Mr. Bajaj behaves this way.


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