Olga Buzova showed at the opening of the boutique of the daughter of Aishat Kadyrov

Olga Buzova showed at the opening of the boutique of the daughter of Aishat Kadyrov

Olga Buzova is friends with all those in power in Russia, and the family of the head of the Chechen Republic of Ramzan Kadyrov was no exception. Despite the fact that the TV presenter, singer, actress, former participant and later the host of the reality show "Dom-2" prefers frank outfits, she still wore a scarf and a long dress, after the grand opening of the boutique of the fashion house of the wife of Kadyrov in Moscow.

The 33-year-old artist showed a photo of this event and wrote about it on her Instagram page: “I want to share a wonderful event with all lovers of elegant and elegant clothing. Today a boutique of the fashion house Firdaws opened in Moscow.

And of course I congratulate my talented Aishat Kadyrova with great fear, you are smart! Thank you for the beauty that you create for us. I love you, my good one. I want to express my deep gratitude and respect to the head of the Chechen Republic of Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov for his support and invitation, you have a wonderful daughter. I wish huge inspiration and prosperity to the fashion house "Firdaws".

In the photo, Olga Buzova poses with Adam Delimkhanov, vice-president of the government of the Chechen Republic, deputy for the Duma of Russia of the 5th, 6th and 7th convocations, member of the United Russia party, and she said she was happy to see him. In addition, the fans of Buzova noticed the sad rapper Timati in the background, who also recently presented his new clothing collection of his brand Black Star Wear, made for the Russian army.

So everyone discussed the fact that Timati is always at the epicenter of events related to those who lead Russia, and also wrote that Olga Buzova was properly paid to participate in such an event and set up so many things, because she is used to performing in many more revealing outfits.

In the Olya report, under this framework, there was such an indignant reaction from its subscribers: “Hmm, first you shine lightly across the entire country, then a headscarf. It was necessary to perform in Chechnya in their costumes, what is already there … Chameleons and sneakers everywhere and everywhere. Olya, how much are you paid? This is very funny from the side. I respect Kadyrov and everything that has to do with him, but you have the entire page where you are hardly treated, and the outfit was put on for the first time for advertising. It's like walking like that! For those who wear it – it's a bomb, but what do you have to do with it? "

There were also people who advised Buzova to continue like this: “Olga, how do you adorn a scarf and a long dress? Well, what flower are you. Walk in this form and meet your husband. And familiarity does not suit you. "


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