Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26 September 2019 Written episode update: Bhalla Family Targeted

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26 September 2019 Written episode update: Bhalla Family Targeted

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26 September 2019 Written episode update: YRKKH 26 September episode starts with: Arijit comes to visit Natasha and talks about Shardul. Arijat says you should bother Bhallaj, Mansi listens to Arijit. After seeing this, Arijit changes his mind and starts doing things in favor of Mansi. Here Natasha thinks Arijit has gone crazy doing such things.

Natasha tells her brother that I think this man has his own agenda. Mansi says thanks to Arijit for helping her, so Mansi is called by a lawyer and he says that all cases against Yug have been resolved. Mansi gets upset after hearing and Arijit gets a new trick. Begins to think that Natasha here thinks Arijit should take revenge from Bhallaj, so take refuge in Mansi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26 September 2019 Written update

Natasha tells her brother that we mean by Shardul, if this happens by helping Mansi, we will certainly do it. Sunil says that Natasha, you come here, gives her brother a blow. Mansi cries and says what should I do, how can the police do this. Arijit provokes Mansi, Mansi gets a call from an unknown number, she doesn't answer. Arijit asks him to answer the phone, Ishita calls Manasi. Ishita says don't get mad, Mansi says why did you call me? Mansi tells Ishita a lot, but Ishita says that Yug did not do this. Ishita asks to meet Mansi, she refuses. Mansi agrees to say Arijit and says you meet in the clinic.

Mansi tells Arijit, why do you want me to meet Ishita, Arijit says remember that a lot of blood has changed. Arijit tells Mansi that the cruelty with which your husband was killed, he should also mercilessly kill the era. After that your revenge is complete and your husband will get peace. Ishita says that maybe I can find a solution by meeting Mansi, here too Yug says I will go with you. Arijit teaches Mansi how to talk to Ishita, Ishita and Yug. Mansi flares up after seeing Yug, Arijit teaches him to stay calm, Yug says I came to speak sorry for you.

Arijit tells Mansi that you remain calm, only consider what we have to do. Yug tells Mansi all things, Mansi says I didn't know all this, but now you told me I believe. Yug tells Mansi that he is Dr. Mishra wants to meet to find out about Natasha, Ishita says we still have to come to her for help. Ishita asks for Natasha's file, Arijit teaches Mansi to speak and tells them to tell. This is what Mansi says, then Ishita and Yug leave. Arijit tells Mansi that I have a plan that will trap Yug in your fall.

Here comes a call from a giant at Bhalla House, Yug is going to meet him. Arijit receives a fraudulent call from someone, here Aaliya tells everyone about Vishal. Ishita calls Karan and asks for the Vishal number. Karan says he spoke to Vishal that he is not in town. Ishita talks to Karan to meet outside and also says that the era is in trouble. Arijit calls Mansi to himself and gives him a gun and says that this is the way to avenge your husband's death. Mansi takes the gun and Mansarovar agrees to leave.


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