Nick Jonas watches Priyanka Chopra movies when he misses her

Nick Jonas watches Priyanka Chopra movies when he misses her
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Priyanka Chopra has spent the last few days promoting her film & # 39; The Sky Is Pink & # 39 ;. In this film she works with stars such as Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim. Because of these promotions he has been in India for a long time. Priyanka also recently told in an interview what she does when her husband Nick Jonas misses her.

Nick Jonas watches Priyanka's film when she misses

Priyanka Chopra said in an interview with TOI that Nick had one day decided to watch the movie Mary Come and after watching this movie he called me and said Priyanka, I miss you, so I see your movie. I found this style very sweet.

At the moment we are both trying to discover more and more about each other's professional lives. I had no idea about the Jonas Brothers when I hadn't met them. They also show interest in issues related to my profession. We often talk about our work among ourselves. This is for example my first video and this film is very special for me, etc.

Significantly Priyanka Chopra has returned to America. In a conversation with India Today, she also made a statement about Zaira Wasim's departure from Bollywood. she said there was a lot of speculation about Zaira's decision. This is his personal decision. Who are we to get involved in his personal life? I love her as a person. I always want them to do well as a person. She is a wonderful person. Mohit Malik Links Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Show? Now who will read Sikender Details


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