Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann's show was canceled after threats

Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann's show was canceled after threats
Image source: (Instagram)

The show of Punjabi Singer Gurdas Mann canceled after threats: Chandigarh – Ambala Road on Sunday in the two-day event organized by commercial real estate project on Oxford Street, Punjabi singers Gurdas Mann & # 39; s stage shows were posted. The show was abruptly canceled due to security reasons after threats.

Gurnam Bhullar, Jelly Johal and live band presented at the Gurdas Mann event. However, the reason for the cancellation of Mann & # 39; s show was called security management. The show's manager, Noel, said that on Saturday night some unknown people came to the program to protest against Gurdas Mann and threatened that if they did the show they would protest. So the program was canceled.

Gurdas Mann was already in Chandigarh for this program and his team had also left Delhi who were informed by email that the show had been canceled. At the same time, his team told the manager that he would not cancel the show, but that he would get full security from the SSP, but the managers did not agree. (Read this: Parmish Verma and Sunanda Sharma in trouble FIR complaint filed against Punjbai singers)

Let's say that for the Gurdas Mann show a family from Rajasthan had bought 10 tickets for 10 Thousands of Rs. They say the managers have not responded to them. After the show was canceled on Sunday, the entire pandal was emptied. Those who were for the show ticket also get their money back.


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