Kulfi Kumar Bajewala October 28, 2019 Written episode update: Sandy Provokes Kulfi


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala October 28, 2019 Written episode update: Sikandar going out one day Sikander appeals to Kulfi and Amyra to be together. While Sikander tells them both to take care of each other, Sandy fights between Amyra and Kulfi by fighting. Sandy does all this on behalf of Sikander, because Sikander has little time left.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written update

Sikander leaves the house one day. Sikander will speak by taking care of each other for Kulfi and Amyra. Kulfi and Amyra work together at home. At the same time, Sikander goes to Sandi by saying that Kulfi takes care of both, makes mung lentils for Amyra, but Amayra refuses to eat.

There is a slight tension between Kulfi and Amyra about work. Sandy keeps an eye on this. At the same time, when Amyra goes out, she tells Sandy that I don't like this act by Kulfi. At the same time, Sandi tells Kulfi for Amyra and Kulfi for Amyra, so that in the future no one can get involved. Amyra and Kulfi do not talk to each other.

Amyra asks for food from outside. Kulfi tells Amyra that you have spent 300 rupees to eat, you have spent all the money at once, after which Amyra says I do not want to eat your food, while Sandi thinks Sikander Bhai said that these two will not argue but both are started fighting on the first day. After eating food both are separately. At the same time, Sandi feeds the battle between Kulfi and Amyra.

Sikandar and Raju go to the doctor. The doctor says that only one doctor can treat Sikander in America. But it is very difficult to come to their number, they have a very long waiting list, in such a time there is no time for surgery, while the doctor tells Sikander that your health is deteriorating very quickly, you have very little time.


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