Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 1, 2019 Written episode update: YHM Arijit caught in his own plan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 1, 2019 Written episode update: YHM Arijit caught in his own plan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 1, 2019 Written episode update: How Arijit begs Natasha and her brother. Natasha and her brother are both fighting each other, meanwhile Sunil starts telling the truth about Natasha and says it was all his plan. Everyone goes with Raman, Ishita, Mani, Karan and Yug, so many houses are set on fire that all get scared. Everyone has reached home, Raman's father says he doesn't understand who does all this. Karan says that mom with Mr. Singh has spoken to investigate, Natasha's phone rings, Sunil says why the phone doesn't answer. Natasha says I don't want to talk to this impudent one, here Simmi tells me that I was about to enter the house that stopped Sudha ji, today we are saved. Sudha tells Ishita that you saw her who made you unconscious, Ishita says she was wearing a mask, she couldn't see it. Raman says he could have killed us if he wanted to, but he didn't just do this blast to clear the evidence.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written update

The message from Arijit comes on Natasha's phone, stating that the warning must be kept, the police can inquire. Natasha says we should get out of here, Raman says who does all this. Ruhi says that Natasha came here again today and I felt that she had come to see us what was going on. Raman angrily comes to Natasha's house and says who you both work for. Ishita tells Natasha that she will clearly tell you who you work for, Natasha says I don't know which man you're talking about. Natasha says if you don't leave my house, I'll call the police, Sudha says don't call.

The police come to Natasha's house and asks her to walk to the police station. Raman says I called them here because I and my family are in danger. Natasha says we can't arrest without evidence, the police say we have an order. Raman says I have evidence, Raman shows the video of the murder of Dr. Natasha and her brother. Natasha beats her brother and says that you have done blood. Sunil says these people want to catch me, the police say this video isn't fake. Natasha tells the police to take it away, Sunil says I'm in trouble now and left my hand.

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Sunil says the doctor found out that you're pretending to be sick, the doctor was about to expose you. Arijit asks Bhuvan that you have achieved everything well, Arijit says that I have blown up Thea's house. Arijit says that Natasha is also stuck, Ajit says she has sent the video to Raman. Natasha tells her brother he is lying, Yug says he is not lying, you speak. Raman says take both, Ishita says ask this also why did you want to kidnap your husband. Sunil says my sister ran away from stealing, diamond is close by.


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