Tesla & # 39; s adjusting the price of its models


Tesla discontinues the 75kWh battery pack for both the X model and the S model, CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday. Customers can place orders for cars with the lowest battery until Sunday, January 13.

The use of a 75kWh package in the fundamental model means that these are now accessible with the 100kWh package with a higher limit. The costs of the two cars will therefore increase considerably, unless Tesla introduces new variations. The basic costs of Model S will increase from $ 76,000 to $ 94,000, while the costs of the less expensive Model X will gallop from $ 82,000 to $ 97,000.

Although Model 3 uses a 75kWh battery pack with different sizes, this change would help to separate Model S and Model X from Model 3, which currently starts at $ 44,000, but can go up to $ 70,500 in choices.

Tesla has significantly changed the costs and design of its machines over the years and has also added and discarded various alternatives to the battery limit. In 2016, it presented the 75kWh battery as the less expensive compliment for the 90 kWh packages that were sold at that time. Tesla also offered a 40 kWh battery pack for the Model S and also delivered as large as the 100 kWh version for S and X that is still for sale. At one point, the organization also contributed 60kWh and 70kWh bundles for the Model S, although it was only the programming variants of the 75kWh package.

It is claimed that Tesla has not offered any battery choice for these models for a long time. Customers also asked questions such as, whether Tesla is interested in promoting their models more like Model 3, where the size of the battery does not play a role.


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