Rakhi Sawant first Karwa Chauth speed cooking Carrot pudding in bold Viral looks on social media

Rakhi Sawant first Karwa Chauth speed cooking Carrot pudding in bold Viral looks on social media
Image source: (Instagram)

Rakhi Sawant First Karwa Chauth Cooking Carrot Pudding In Hot Bold Looks Pictures Viral on Social Media: Rakhi Sawant has held her first Karva Chauth after the wedding. The special thing is that Rakhi & # 39; s husband Ritesh has also been detained. Rakhi Sawant has provided information about this by posting a video on Instagram. Rakhi Sawant says she's in London with her husband. On the day of Karva chauth, Rakhi Sawant asked her mother-in-law to make carrot pudding.

Rakhi Sawant shared the video while making the pudding. Rakhi & # 39; s house can be seen in the video. She says that those who used to live in this house have sold this house to them.

In another video, Rakhi said that my mother-in-law has given me the task. They asked me to make carrot pudding. Rakhi also said the renovation in her house is underway, so her house is scattered.

Rakhi has made carrot pudding in ghee and sugar-free. Rakhi Sawant also said that she has never fasted in life.

Rakhi said she forgot to eat sargi while sleeping. Rakhi says – I have no strength today. I have Karva chauth for the first time. I have not been hungry for a single day in my life. I have heard that you cannot eat or drink anything during fasting.

"I have to starve all day today." What's going to happen now. Don't know today that I'm not really hungry. Goodnews is that my husband has fasted Ritesh.

You know, people still don't trust Rakhi Sawant's wedding. The main reason for this is not to reveal a single photo of Rakhi Sawant's husband.

Rakhi had previously said that she would bring her husband to the world on the day of the big premiere of Bigg Boss 13. But such a thing did not happen. Rakhi is lying that she has been invited by Bigg Boss Makers and Salman Khan at the premiere of the show.

Everyone wants to take care of the husband of Rakhi Sawant. Fans hope Rakhi brings her husband to the world on the occasion of Karva chauth.

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Rakhi Sawant married in secret on July 28 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Mumbai. Her husband is an NRI businessman.


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