MTV Ace Of Space 2 October 20, 2019 Written Episode Update: Who Wins Today Jack of Kings?

MTV Ace Of Space 2 October 20, 2019 Written Episode Update: Who Wins Today Jack of Kings?
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MTV Ace Of Space 2 October 20, 2019 Written episode update: In these days in MTV Ace Of Space we see that special 2-hour family episode was Telecast, which is that we are talking about Saturday 2-hour episode especially for participants can meet their relatives and viewers also want relatives of participants on that see MTV way Ace Of Space Team Make a decision about it.

MTV Ace Of Space 2 Written Update

The all participants were divided into two Teams. That is Team Jack and Team Kings. Both teams have 7-7 participants. Team wins task and Team wins the "Palatna Mana Hai" task and also safe for next week, all participants were present show In Today we can see the part of the family episode.

Yesterday, Baseer, Krissan, mama & # 39; s could be seen to meet them and Salman and Khusi sister were on show and they are all busy on the buzzer, so they can meet family Lucinda, didn't press the buzzer, Team Jack took the lead to Lucinda Point

Luv Tyagi daddy can be seen and today we see Deepak Thakur daddy will come and Khushali mom will show up and Pakruti daddy will come to see her and rashmi mom will come, today is also 2 hour special episode that you can all see on show.

The most important thing today is that Deepak Thakur's daddy comes and he cries a lot and he didn't press the buzzer in the promo video released by Mtv Official Instagram account, Deepak dad invites him to meet me, but he just cries.

Khushali is standing next to Deepak by her mother coming to see, Khushali speaks is Gujrati come and meet me, you are already the winner for me and come home with trophy. as we can see in the video check out:

Adnaan Shaikh Team 07 Member and Viral Social Media Star Recently seen, he is doing very well, he simply surprised everyone with his dance performance for Erica, which was shown last week. Adnaan mother and father come on show to see him, take a look:

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On the other hand, Baseer is very upset for Salman's sister, who assumed yesterday that he was on him and he thought she was very protective of Salman and she did not understand my feelings and my point of how angry he is.


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