Bigg Boss 13 November 8, 2019 Written Episode Update: Shefali Jariwala New Vivo Captain or Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 13 November 8, 2019 Written Episode Update: Shefali Jariwala New Vivo Captain or Bigg Boss House
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Bigg Boss 13 November 8, 2019 Written episode of the episode: The first Vivo captain of the house was chosen this week in the TV reality show Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss brought a turn for the roommates to choose the captain. Now the election of the next captain of the house is held today, for which the names Himanshi Khurana and Shefali Jariwala appear.

Bigg Boss 13 Live updates

  • The episode starts with Bigg Boss giving secret task to Rashmi and Devoleena. That is They must meet to make a news task for 2 Mambers, which Shehenaz and Bhau participate in the news task.
  • They Both Have Share his opinion about new Wildcards is coming. They both do very well.
  • Rashmi and Arhaan Talking about Siddarth and Rashmi is upset by Arhaan because he said in the past that I want to show the friendship of Siddarth and Rashmi that I will close this. Rashmi thinks I told you everything about my fight with Siddarth. That's how you think you can do this.
  • The next day starts in the morning Bigg Boss plays the song & # 39; Angrazi Beat & # 39 ;, everyone dances very well.
  • Bigg boss invites Asim in the confessional room to choose two names for captain, and also said that Siddarth already nominates that you cannot choose siddarth for Caaptancy.
  • Asim Team discusses two names for 2 captain's name that they all consider Himanshi and Shafali Names for Captaincy.
  • It's time to choose the next captain of the house. While BB Transport Service Task was won by the Asim team, Asim took the name Himanshi and Shefali from his team from his team to become Captain.
  • Bigg Boss explains that the election of the captain is a process. Telling all housemates one by one that the stamp of refusal should be placed on the face of either, each girl who receives fewer stamps becomes the next captain of the house.
  • All households apply stamps one by one. Hindustani Bhau rejects Himanshi and says that if Shefali is what she says, anyone can answer it, she is silent, so I want Captain Shefali to be.
  • At the end of the process, an equal number of stamps are placed by households. That's why Bigg Boss gives Captain Aarti the exclusive right to choose which of the two captains. It must now be seen that Aarti, by his understanding, selects Himanshi Khurana and Shefali Jariwala as the next captain of the house.
  • Aarti chooses Takes Shafali names for Next Vivo Captain.
  • Siddarth Shukla and Tehseen are in debate because Tehseen tells Siddarth that you are an old man of the house. Siddarth did not like this and they both argue.
  • Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla are fighting among themselves. It has been shown that Siddharth asks the captain of the house about the kitchen duty that I will do the carving and tell someone to cook it. Rashmi calls Desai and says that I am not comfortable with Siddharth Shukla. After listening to Rashmi Desai, Siddharth Shukla says, go home.
  • After this, both start a powerful debate. Rashmi Desai says you can't get your mouth dirty, you're just a poor person. After this, Siddharth Shukla loses his temper. Siddharth gets angry with all family members and says: "One or three, eleven, all go to hell, I didn't come here to have a relationship with you." Later Rashmi also rebukes her.
  • Initially there was only a fight between the two that later grew into a big debate and then a fight.


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